More Than a Daycare

Welcome to North Hastings Children's Services! We're here to support you and your family and provide the resources you need, from licensed childcare, a Youth Advisory Board to parent workshops, prenatal support, in-school programs, playgroups, Triple P Parenting resources, literacy support, and so much more! We are located in the heart of downtown Bancroft, in a spacious facility that is open to all families to drop in Monday to Friday.

We serve families from zero to teen through pre-natal, Early Years and school age programs together with our community partners.

We offer weekly playgroups and support groups to help you make the most of your budget, your time, and to fully embrace this incredible time in your life as you watch your children develop new friendships, skills and interests. Check out our childcare services, playgroups and events, and programs and resources, and stay in the loop by checking out what's new by scrolling down or clicking here.

Come Walk in My Moccasins

Did you know that North Hastings Children's Services is a member of the Aboriginal Family Literacy Circle?
Check out their Facebook page for more information.

come walk in my moccasins.png

Are you interested in sharing First Nations, Inuit and Métis stories and teachings with your young children?

Each month Come Walk in My Moccasins highlights:

  • Aboriginal culture and teachings
  • First Nations story and activities to do at home or in the classroom
  • Audio and written words in Mohawk and Algonquin
  • Medicine Wheel food and recipe

Search for Aboriginal Family Literacy Circle on face book for newsletter link, or click here to sign up:

Come Walk in My Moccasins has been created by the Aboriginal Family Literacy Circle with financial support from the Hastings & Prince Edward Children and Youth Services Network.

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