Planting for the Tower Garden

Since the assembly of the Tower Garden all of the children have been interested in what it is and how it works.

Val really wanted to plant Pumpkins

Val really wanted to plant Pumpkins

 On Thursday, the Senior Preschool children had the opportunity to come investigate the Indoor Tower Garden. When they entered the resource room, the children ran over to see what this big bright tower was. The children began to touch the base and felt the water.

“The water is cold!”

“The water is cold!”

Some of the questions that were asked were “What are we going to put in here?” and “Why is the water cold?” Tasha said to the children “This is our indoor tower garden; we came down to start planting some vegetables and herbs and that the water is for our plants to drink”.

Then each child got to choose what they wanted to plant. They learned about the process of growing from seed to an edible item. From looking at the seed packets to recognizing what they were planting, their excitement for this new experience was evident! This opportunity provided the children with the chance to learn and explore the various types of plants we will be growing. Although they are familiar with beans, peas, tomatoes and lettuce, they were able to learn about zucchini, squash, eggplant and the various herbs that we will be cultivating. Many of the children were surprised by the fact that we do not use soil in this type of planting. Luckily, when we started planting, the water pump was on and they were able to see how our seedlings would be watered. Many of them placed their hands into the pods and felt the water dripping and also heard the sound of the water as it flowed through the tower. Not only was it a sensory experience, but it also gave the children the opportunity to learn about sustainable eating.



Some quotes from the children were,

“I want to plant tomatoes!”

“Where is the dirt?”

“How many seeds do I put in?”

“I want to plant a pumpkin! I love the silly faces!”