Youth Advisory Board - Beading Boredom

In October 2014 the Youth Advisory Board for Our Shared Commitment was established. These Youth were chosen for this board in response to a new program funded by Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Safer and Vital Communities Grant.  This is a Community Mobilization Project which means the community will know about this and the youth and the program will be disseminating information through print, radio and internet media. 

 YAB has decided that they will be completing a Community Art Project that will allow those in our community to identify locations that are child and youth friendly. The Youth will present the completed art to the local business/location to display so that all their customers/tourists/consumers will be aware that they have been identified to increase the safety and wellbeing of our children and youth within our community.    

 The Youth Advisors, with the support of their peers have identified the locations that they have encountered as Child and Youth Friendly for a variety of reasons.  These locations are as follows:

Pizza Pizza

North Hastings Children’s Services


Shoppers Drug Mart

Millenium Park

Poutine Diner




Jug City

And “Others” (honourable mentions)

With labels identifying other locations not above

 This project is ongoing with multiple opportunities for families to participate.  A large event is planned on February 20, 2016 and we are excited that the Ontario Early Years Centre will be partnering with us on their “Great Family Picture Day” so that all those young and old will have an opportunity to participate in this endeavour.  We will also be at the Arena on the Free Public Skating on Feb. 10, 2016, upstairs in the arena, so that more youth can participate and this is a location that they feel would allow them the opportunity to do that!

 All those who participate will have an opportunity to create an artistic beaded strand identifying their child and youth friendly location and to make a matching bracelet to take home.

 Thank you,

Sarah Phoenix

Our Shared Commitment- Coordinator

Youth Advisory Board