What is the North Hastings Family Support Team

North Hastings Family Support Team is a new program in Bancroft that will be working closely with the Bancroft Community Safety & Well-being plan to reduce family violence in our community. Just under 9 million, or about one in three Canadian’s, have said that they have experienced abuse before the age of 15. Our main goal is to come together and strengthen family structures to develop and live safe and healthy lives. With our holistic and encompassing approach we ensure to address family, safety and well being within our community.

Through the lead agency, North Hastings Children’s Services, our goal is to focus on increasing protective factors that are affecting children and families affected by domestic violence while decreasing risk factors. With 7 key areas of focus we hope to address a safer and more vital community. The 7 key areas we will be focusing on are; Data Coordination, Technical Assistance, Fundraising/Funding, Public Information/Education, Social Navigation, Advocacy and Service Coordination. As well as focusing on 4 categories of primary prevention including; increasing knowledge and awareness, creating safer and supportive communities, promoting healthy families and relationships and targeting at-risk populations. 

Moving forward we hope to connect with all of our project partners, develop and deliver training on the social psychology of family violence and their associated risk factors, develop an efficient referral system for the families that don’t meet the acutely elevated risk threshold and finally, research and analyze local statistics and risk factors as they relate to family violence.

With our hard working and passionate program team as well as with funding from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services - Safer and Vital Communities Grant and assistance from our main community partners and allies including Bancroft OPP, Three Oaks Shelter and Services, Addictions and Mental Health Services of Hastings County, Children’s Mental Health Services, Hastings County Social Services, Town of Bancroft, Municipality of Hastings Highlands and many more.  We have an optimistic view on the future and implementation of the North Hastings Family Support Team!