York River After School Program

What's New

After a busy summer, school is back and so are we! Our program welcomes students from York River Public School and O.L.M. We are so happy to see many of our returning children, as well as a lot of new friends.  Although we will miss Gloria, we wish her the very best for her retirement!

This year we plan on fully focusing on the children’s interests and ideas in a play-based learning environment.  We also have a lot of new and exciting activities and experiences planned to help our children strengthen and develop social skills, self regulation, and respect for themselves and others.

“Meet The Teachers”

Tasha – I’m returning this fall as one of the R.E.C.E’s at the after school program. I have been with N.H.C.S for quite a while and loved every minute of it! I enjoy including a variety of creative and sensory experiences, no matter how messy it might be! Encouraging each child as an individual and celebrating their accomplishments is an everyday experience.

Charity – This year I have joined the Y.R.A.S.P team. I recently graduated from the E.C.E Program at Candore College. I am passionate about teaching children in fun ways that they can easily understand, and providing a safe environment where children can be themselves.