Youth Advisory Report Oct. to Dec. 2014

Our Shared Commitment – Youth Advisory Board has launched.  They have been chosen and have completed training sessions.  They have many wonderful ideas and we look forward to supporting them through this process.  We welcome the following youth to the 2014-2015 Youth Advisory Board.

Sarah Myers, Brayden Prindle, Zak Boor, Thomas Coghlan, Heather Lane, Samuel Riedl, Tyler O’Brien, Leah Campbell, Zoe Kernohan and Moriah Brinkman.  We also welcome Echo Featherstone as the Youth Advisory Board Leader.   

The Youth Advisory Board has come up with a logo! Our logo incorporates all of the youth’s ideas starting with the idea they want to make a difference in the community and be the youth that people remember! Last Saturday the Youth started brain storming projects and ideas for the community, some ideas that came up were a Youth Cafe, making a puzzle piece mural, graffiti at the skate park, and just thinking of different places where youth could hangout. This is just the start of something that has the capability of becoming much bigger! Stay tuned to find out more about what the youth has planned  and what they're doing for the community!- Moriah and Brayden

We have had multiple guests including O.P.P. officer Susanne Cox, “Angry Bill” Kilpatrick, and Tony Pearson from Bancroft this week. Susannne  Cox talked to us about law and the Criminal Code of Canada involving teenagers. “Angry Bill” talked to us about anger management and conflict resolution. Tony talked to us about designing our logo. - Thomas and Tyler

On Friday December 5 at 11 O’clock at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 181, the community came together to have a competition called Soup of the Day for United Way, and to see who had the best soup to offer the public. Some of the soups included Soup of Lime, Chicken and Rice, Bacon Potato and Stone Soup. One will be chosen in the near future to be given the title of best soup bragging rights and the “silver spoon”. –Sarah and Sam-  Update- Evergreen won with the Cheddar Ale Soup

On the very chilly day of December 6, eight shining Youth walked proudly with many other, in the Bancroft Parade. Dudes, these guys are troopers.  Handing out thousands of candy canes to the little kiddies.  Walking in the blistering cold, but most of all, putting smiles on the hundreds of people who showed up for this wonderful event.  With days of preparation everything turned out fantastically.  –Zak and Heather

Zoe  also launched a Facebook Community Page , so like us and stay tuned for more information.