Senior Room Summer Antics!


The Senior Room children have had a very busy summer filled with learning. One of their favourite activities was Wednesday Water Days! The children had a lot of fun splashing in the wading pool as well as covering themselves in shaving cream as a sensory experience.

Show and Share is a great literacy opportunity for the children and they love sharing this with their peers.

Looking forward, we are working to expand science opportunities for your children as well as setting up invitations of play to expand and explore upon their learning.

Val, Tasha & Donna


Youth Advisory Board Recuitment 2017-2018

YAB 2017 2018.JPG

Recruitment for the new Youth Advisory Board has started! For the 2017 -2018 year we are looking for passionate individuals between the ages of 13 and 18 to guide and participate in an exciting endeavour for the North Hastings community. Please apply if you are committed to making a difference and want to get both community hours and paid an honorarium for participating.   YAB members will be committed to meet once a month to provide input, direction and ultimately be part of bringing a NEW “Youth Centre” to our community. These meetings will include exciting training, food and opportunities for those involved to make an impact in North Hastings.

To apply access the application here.

The Infant Toddler Room - Enjoying the Veggies of our Labours!

While the snow was still on the ground, we decided to try our hand at a garden.  We chose our seeds of  peas and carrots. The children enjoyed filling egg cartons with soil, picking which seeds they wanted to plant, and watering the planted seeds. Once it was warm enough we moved our little seedlings to the outdoor garden. The children dug the holes and helped to put the plants into the soil. As we watched our garden grow, we noticed lots of flowers, then lots of peas. The children helped us pick the peas that were ready, they were sweet and delicious. Allowing the children to have a hand in the garden is showing them where some of our food comes from and how they can start their own gardens at home with their families. Gardening has taught them how to work together as a group to create something from beginning to end. Soon the children will be able to start picking the carrots out of the garden. 


Update to What's Happening in the Junior Room - Gardening!!

The Children in the Junior Room were hands on today learning about seeds, and what they need to grow while we planted our Discovery Garden. We look forward to the opportunities that the children will have from this growing experience including collecting, smelling, touching and even tasting. Gardens play a significant role in supporting a child's connection to nature. Stay tuned for updates on our learning

What's Happening in the Junior Room?


The Junior Room is planning to construct a Discovery Garden with the help of the program staff Tammy, Angela, and Donna, alongside each child providing their individual ideas, and insight learned from observing family members at home.

Gardening provides children with hands-on experiences that give them opportunities to collect, smell, touch, and taste. Gardens also play a significant role in supporting children’s connections to nature and learning that supports the characteristics of the environment with health and nutrition, social purposes, practical living skills and the process of growth and caring for living things; providing the children new knowledge about science and their outdoor environment.

We look forward to exploring our growing garden through observation, caring for, cooking, and much more learning through discovery.



The Senior children have been very busy over the winter months. A few children showed an interest in hair cutting so we took a trip to our local barber. Here we learned who cuts hair and the appropriate items that are used.

With the warmer weather approaching, our playground became an arctic experience including ice bergs! By chopping the ice with tools they were able to create a large pond for fishing and boating!

With spring here the children are quite excited to explore sand & water experiences and the natural world around them.


Val & Tasha

The Senior Room

Jail and Bail 2017

For many years North Hastings CHildren's Services has been involved in offering Experience SUmmer Camp for children 5-12 years old in North Hastings Community. Registration day for Summer Camp will be held on April 20th & 21st from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. This camp is not fully funded and depends on the community supporting it through fundraising and our funders.

Expereince camp works closely with many partners to provide employment for 19 local youth counselors including a counselor in training program, volunteer experience and mentorship opportunities for youth who aredirectly involved in the camp. With these partnerships it provides quality programming and an experience the children and youht wont forget.

In the past this event has been very successful and your support will ensue that Experience Summer Camp reaches its goal of providing over 250 children with a wonderful SummerCamp Experience. The goal this year is to raise $5000 and these funds will go directly to enhance local children'scamp experience.

This year our Jail and Bail event will be held on Friday May 26th, 2017 from 9 am - 2 pm (location to be realised soon, updates can be found on our calendars and Facebook page). You can support our cause by bailing someone out, keeping them in by making a donation or buying yourself lunch or a snack. Hope to see you there! Have fun and thank you for your support.

Nicole Beaudin

Experience Summer Camp Coordinator

What is the North Hastings Family Support Team

North Hastings Family Support Team is a new program in Bancroft that will be working closely with the Bancroft Community Safety & Well-being plan to reduce family violence in our community. Just under 9 million, or about one in three Canadian’s, have said that they have experienced abuse before the age of 15. Our main goal is to come together and strengthen family structures to develop and live safe and healthy lives. With our holistic and encompassing approach we ensure to address family, safety and well being within our community.

Through the lead agency, North Hastings Children’s Services, our goal is to focus on increasing protective factors that are affecting children and families affected by domestic violence while decreasing risk factors. With 7 key areas of focus we hope to address a safer and more vital community. The 7 key areas we will be focusing on are; Data Coordination, Technical Assistance, Fundraising/Funding, Public Information/Education, Social Navigation, Advocacy and Service Coordination. As well as focusing on 4 categories of primary prevention including; increasing knowledge and awareness, creating safer and supportive communities, promoting healthy families and relationships and targeting at-risk populations. 

Moving forward we hope to connect with all of our project partners, develop and deliver training on the social psychology of family violence and their associated risk factors, develop an efficient referral system for the families that don’t meet the acutely elevated risk threshold and finally, research and analyze local statistics and risk factors as they relate to family violence.

With our hard working and passionate program team as well as with funding from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services - Safer and Vital Communities Grant and assistance from our main community partners and allies including Bancroft OPP, Three Oaks Shelter and Services, Addictions and Mental Health Services of Hastings County, Children’s Mental Health Services, Hastings County Social Services, Town of Bancroft, Municipality of Hastings Highlands and many more.  We have an optimistic view on the future and implementation of the North Hastings Family Support Team!  

Jail and Bail

North Hastings Children’s Services for over 10 years has been involved in offering a Summer Camp Experience for children aged 5-12 in the North Hastings area.

This camp is not fully funded through our funders and depends on community supporting it through fundraising. Experience Summer Camp works very closely with many partners to provide quality programming, experience and employment for many Youth Counsellor’s. We also offer a Counsellor in Training program, volunteer experience and mentorship opportunities for youth who are directly involved in the camp.

In the past this event has been very successful and your support will ensure that Experience Summer Camp reaches it goal of providing over 400 children with a wonderful summer camp experience.

Our goal this year is to raise $10 000.00. These funds will DIRECTLY go to enhance LOCAL children in our community and expand upon their camp experience.

This year our Jail and Bail event will be held at the Bancroft Bible Chapel parking lot on Friday, May 27th from 9am until 2pm. You can support our cause by bailing someone out, keeping them in, making a donation or buying yourself lunch or a snack.

Registration for Experience Summer Camp!

Hot fun in the summertime!

Experience Summer camp runs for eight weeks each summer. Children ages 5-12 (as of December 31, 2016) have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, swimming, games, sports, field trips, and theme-days in a fun day-camp setting. The fully integrated camp is free to NHCS members and has a very high camp-counsellor to child ratio, ensuring campers are well cared for and have lots of support and fun.

Camp runs in one-week long sessions, throughout July and August, and each session ends with a free barbecue. We are grateful for funding provided by the Hastings County & Ontario Child Benefit Reinvestment Fund, which makes this program possible.

In addition to providing a fun and enriching summer program for children, this program also provides youth employment opportunities.

Registration will be held from 8:30am until 4:30pm at the North Hastings Children's Services Centre and a $25 registration fee (per family) must accompany the registration form.

Community Safety March Break Event

The time has come yet again for our Community Safety March Break Event. Friday, March 18th is sure to be a day filled with fun for members of our community. This annual event is held at the Royal Canadian Legion from 11:00am until 2:00pm.

Participants in this free event can expect to partake in many fun activities such as a play dough table, mini putt, cookie decorating (donated by Foodland), button making and much more, while also taking part in exciting learning opportunities such as internet safety, making child safety kids and even a dental screening.

A snack will be provided courtesy of Bancroft and Area Kids in Need.

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

We are excited to announce the date for our annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny will be joining us at the North Hastings Children's Services Centre from 8:30am until 11:00am on Saturday, March 12th. The breakfast will include pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit and yogurt parfaits, juice and coffee/tea, all provided courtesy of United Way of Quinte and will be served by staff of North Hastings Children's Services and the Youth Advisory Board.

Bring your camera and take a picture of your child/children visiting with the Easter Bunny while enjoying a warm meal with your family.

Youth Advisory Board In The News!

The Youth Advisory Board is getting some press over the coming weeks. This week, Sarah Myers and Jade McCarthy will be featured on The Moose 97.7 fm in an interview highlighting the Youth Advisory Board and their most recent project “Beading Boredom”, which you can find information on here Keep your radio on for the full interview.


The following week, on the evening of February 23rd, Jade McCarthy and Sam Riedl will be two of the featured guests on ‘Croft Talks with Barb Shaw. This event is hosted at The Village Playhouse with doors opening at 6:30pm and the show starting at 7:00pm. Jade and Sam will spend their portion of the evening focusing on discussions surrounding the Beading Boredom project and the Community Safety Plan. Admission for the event is $5 and they can be purchased at the door or online at the box office. Please come out and support our local youth as they support, encourage and educate about their commitment to our community.


The Great Family Picture Race

On Saturday February 20th, 2016 North Hastings Children's Services will be hosting The Great Family Picture Race.

During this event your family will have the opportunity to work together as a team as you move your way around the community taking pictures of yourselves in a variety of fun and silly scenarios. Try to be the first team back to the North Hastings Children's Services Centre to win. There are a variety of door prizes to be won as well.

A meal of nutritious pizza, hot chocolate and snacks will be provided by the Youth Advisory Board with additional snacks and beverages provided by United Way Quinte.

This event will be running in conjunction with the Youth Advisory Boards "Beading Boredom" project.

Picture Race poster.png

Youth Advisory Board - Beading Boredom

In October 2014 the Youth Advisory Board for Our Shared Commitment was established. These Youth were chosen for this board in response to a new program funded by Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Safer and Vital Communities Grant.  This is a Community Mobilization Project which means the community will know about this and the youth and the program will be disseminating information through print, radio and internet media. 

 YAB has decided that they will be completing a Community Art Project that will allow those in our community to identify locations that are child and youth friendly. The Youth will present the completed art to the local business/location to display so that all their customers/tourists/consumers will be aware that they have been identified to increase the safety and wellbeing of our children and youth within our community.    

 The Youth Advisors, with the support of their peers have identified the locations that they have encountered as Child and Youth Friendly for a variety of reasons.  These locations are as follows:

Pizza Pizza

North Hastings Children’s Services


Shoppers Drug Mart

Millenium Park

Poutine Diner




Jug City

And “Others” (honourable mentions)

With labels identifying other locations not above

 This project is ongoing with multiple opportunities for families to participate.  A large event is planned on February 20, 2016 and we are excited that the Ontario Early Years Centre will be partnering with us on their “Great Family Picture Day” so that all those young and old will have an opportunity to participate in this endeavour.  We will also be at the Arena on the Free Public Skating on Feb. 10, 2016, upstairs in the arena, so that more youth can participate and this is a location that they feel would allow them the opportunity to do that!

 All those who participate will have an opportunity to create an artistic beaded strand identifying their child and youth friendly location and to make a matching bracelet to take home.

 Thank you,

Sarah Phoenix

Our Shared Commitment- Coordinator

Youth Advisory Board                                                                                             

Triple P Positive Parenting Tips

Today as parents there never seems to be enough time, but we need to make sure we are taking time for ourselves and our children.  Here are a few tips that can help with making sure we are making time.

1.       Look after yourself.  It is difficult to be a calm, relaxed parent if you are stressed, anxious, or depressed.  Try to find time every week to let yourself unwind or do something that you enjoy.

2.       When your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing and pay attention to your child.  It is important to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child doing things that you both enjoy.

3.       Give your child lots of physical affection – children often like hugs, cuddle, and holding hands.

4.       Talk to your child about things he/she is interested in and share aspects of your day with your child.

For more information about Triple P Positive Parenting and up coming Discussion Groups please contact us at 613-332-0179